Multi-Dog Households

 ASPCA Webinar 
Every newly adopted dog who moves into a multi-dog household sets a story in motion. This webinar, directed especially toward shelters and rescue groups, focuses on adopting dogs into homes with a resident dog or dogs.

 The Other End of the Leash 
A follow-up guest blog to summarize the most important points of the webinar covering everything from how to do the first introduction to managing the household as time goes on, and what to do if it’s simply not working.

 Both Ends of the Leash 
Peace, Patience, & Pack Politics:
Forget “Alpha”–the rules of group living apply to all. Patricia McConnell writes another excellent blog about living with multiple dogs.

 Canine Corner 
Research has shown that having more than one dog is typical for households in North America. Stanley Coren writes about what causes conflict between dogs living in the same household.