About Us

Find out who we are and what we do 

Jack Russell Rescue CA is a 501(c)3 nonprofit dedicated to rescuing Jack Russell Terriers. We complement the work of California animal shelters by helping them free up space for other dogs in need. Many shelters maintain a list of rescue groups dedicated to a breed in their area and when a Jack Russell Terrier is received, the shelters calls us for assistance with placement. Additionally, we rescue dogs that might be considered un-adoptable by some shelters, such as dogs that are older or have special needs.

We also accept Jack Russell Terriers surrendered by their owners. Often when a shelter is filled to capacity, the shelter will give owners our contact information. Breeders and Breed Clubs also refer owners looking for a rescue to help their Jack Russell Terrier.

We rely on foster homes and our dedicated network of volunteers to care for our dogs until they are adopted. Foster families provide a loving environment until the right forever home can be found.