Adoption Information

How do I adopt a Jack Russell Terrier?

We work hard to find the proper match for each of our Jack Russell Terriers. Our adoption process helps ensure the adopting family and the dog will be happy with the decision. The adoption process is generally as follows: the applicant completes an adoption application. We review the application and screen the applicant to see if they are a good match. Assuming everything looks good, we conduct a home visit to check the dog’s future living arrangements. We suggest the applicant and all household members meet the Jack Russell as well. If it is a good match, the Jack Russel’s new family completes the adoption agreement and pays the adoption fee.

Are there any adoption requirements?

We require most of our adopters to have securely fenced yards. However, some of our dogs may be considered for homes with smaller enclosures (i.e. secure patios) and we do occasionally adopt to homes without fenced yards. These applicants are considered on a case by case basis. All JRRCA dogs must be primarily inside dogs living as members of their family with access to fresh food and water, a clean and dry shelter when outside and daily exercise. JRRCA dogs can only be adopted as a personal companion and not as a gift, working animal or guard dog. If you have other pets, they must be spayed or neutered and up to date on all vaccines.

How do I know if a Jack Russell Terrier is right for me?

Be sure you understand the characteristics of this unique breed of dog before you consider adopting one. Jack Russell Terriers are not the breed for an inexperienced dog owner. They are intelligent, and if you let them take an inch, they can become willful and determined to take a mile. Jack Russell Terriers are small dogs with big hearts and a big attitude! Bred to be hunters, they are lively and energetic dogs with high prey instincts. Most Jack Russell Terriers are fine with other dogs when properly socialized although it is very common for a Jack Russell Terrier to exhibit aggression and dominance toward other dogs of the same sex. Jack Russell Terriers are not the dog for everyone but once this feisty little white dog has captured your heart, you are likely to never be without one!

Are Jack Russell Terriers for adoption healthy?

Jack Russell Terriers adopted from Jack Russell Rescue CA have had a general physical before being place. They are spayed or neutered, free of external and internal parasites and up to date on vaccinations. If a Jack Russell is sick or recovering from injury when entering our rescue, we will not place them until they have fully recovered. We will also provide you with copies of your Jack Russell’s vet records when you finalize the adoption.